2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Give the gift of top performance.
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Shop our gift guide to stay active with the best quality supports available.




GenuTrain Knee Support:
Don’t allow weak, swollen or painful knees to get in the way of an active life. Bauerfeind’s GenuTrain® knee support provides relief and stability without limiting your mobility.

Great gift for:
• Running
• Sports
• Working Out
• Everyday Wear

Available for $99, Shop Here




ManuTrain Wrist Support:
Active support providing stability and comfort to the hand and wrist. Medical-grade compression and viscoelastic insert reduces pain, pressure and swelling for people with sprains, tendinitis, osteoarthritis, or feelings of instability.

Great gift for:
• Yoga
• Skiing
• Gardening
• Working Out

Available for $121, Shop Here


VenoTrain Micro | VenoTrain Business:
Soft, microfiber construction makes these compression stockings cool and comfortable. Medical-grade compression promotes circulation to reduce pain and swelling of the legs. Available in multiple lengths and styles.

Great gift for:
• Traveling
• Business
• Vericose/Spider Veins
• Pregnancy

Available for $80, Shop Here




LumboTrain | LumboTrain Lady Back Support:
Active support providing stability and comfort to the back. Made of soft, breathable knit material, this back support offers consistent support with extreme comfort.

Great gift for:
• Yard Work
• Heavy Lifting
• Working Out
• Active Jobs

Available for $195, Shop Here



EpiTrain Elbow Support:
Targeted compression for elbow support. 3D active knit provides comfortable, medical-grade compression to reduce pain and swelling of the elbow. Viscoelastic inserts gently target inflamed tendons to stimulate circulation, proprioception, and healing.

Great gift for:
• Golf
• Tennis
• Yard Work
• Lifting
• Working Out

Available for $97, Shop Here